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By the way. Please don't just "cut the mold off" of things like jam, bread and cheese.

I have spent some time learning the ways of fungi and when you can see the mold? That means the entire mass is full of mycelium (basically thread
-like "mushroom roots") the fruiting or the fuzzy part means that the fungi has consumed all the nutrients and is ready to move on.

The whole thing is shot, please don't eat it OK? Some fungi create poisons as by products. And it won't taste right.

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We're proud to announce the official release of Fedora Asahi Remix! 🎉

Learn more:

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FLOSS Weekly Episode 762: Spilling the Tea - Editor’s Note: We’re excited to announce that Hackaday is the new home of FLOSS We... - hackaday.com/2023/12/20/floss- #hackadaycolumns #flossweekly #opensource #podcasts #podcast #fedora #redhat

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Today, we are unveiling chatmail services, making onboarding with #deltachat a breeze, with peace of mind.

#chatmail marks a major milestone, answering the practical question of "where can i get a deltachat-ready account" for myself and friends?

Read more on delta.chat/en/2023-12-13-chatm

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We're organizing a small in-person workshop about federated/decentralized social media at Princeton.


We're interested in bringing folks who develop fediverse tech or admins that manage active Mastodon instances. We have some travel funding.

Ping me if interested, and please boost 🚀 to reach more people.


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🦆 VS 😈: Let's take back some ground from the tech giants!

We, at @Framasoft, are trying to push back GAFAMs' toxic web by multiplying friendly digital spaces.

Find out more about our actions and how you can support us: framablog.org/2023/11/14/lets-


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In the German state of Bavaria, dozens of people are in 'preventive detention' because they might otherwise engage in climate protests, specifically around the car industry exposition IAA in Munich.
Apparently possible for a month there...

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urantiagospel.blogspot.com/202 The Gospel of #Jesus according to the #Urantia book. 2. Travels - From Papers 130-134 "moral decisions and unqualified #spiritual choices are thus progressively identified with the indwelling and divine #spirit.. #Will is that manifestation of the human #mind which enables the subjective #consciousness to express itself objectively and to experience the phenomenon of aspiring to be #Godlike.. every reflective and spiritually minded human being can become #creative...

Does anyone have any recommendations for laptop models?

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Hey #Toronto! I'll be doing a workshop on #p2p #web at 1RG on Thursday June 15th. We'll be setting up @agregore and learning to code up some basic JS/HTML/CSS to make our own peer to peer web apps.


#dweb #agregore #DWebYYZ

@serapath @ninabreznik
DWeb NY Kingston meetup presentation will be 3pm EDT (19:00 UTC) (in just over 2 hours) @ chat.celehner.com/group/cchat/

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