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UB presents Jesus Christ Michael and his associates.

Part IV may have been produced by a different technique.

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Join us for NYC School of Data — 30+ sessions unpacking #civictech #opendata #servicedesign. We’ll have in-person panels, workshops, classes, office hours with NYC's Open Data Team and more! 🙌

Sat, 3/23 at CUNY School of Law! 📅
Register at NYCsoData2024.eventbrite.com 🎟️
View the program at nycsodata24.sched.com 📝

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I'm seriously searching for commissions, or at least someone who has a spare 20 lying around for cat food and other things food stamps won't buy. I would love it if anyone felt like helping out; one of these damned days I'll be through enough physical therapy to work again, but that day is not soon enough to feed my cat.

#CommissionsOpen #MutualAidRequest #MutualAid

CashApp/Venmo $nuktibromos

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:boost_request:​ could you please help out with a boost? 🥺

I'm still desperately trying to pay back the money my father is demanding of me. I will need to move back with my parents anytime soon because I will need to move and I can't afford living by myself and if I can't pay him back I'll be in a really really bad spot.

boosts are a huge help and so are any donations. if you could help me out that would be amazing. thanks for your attention.

total goal: check next post


ko-fi - accepts paypal and stripe.
stripe (USD) - (for those that prefer not using paypal)


#mutualAid #transCrowdfund #mutualAidRequest #blackMutualAid #boostPlease

p.s.: added some random cat tax

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@dpwiz @ebel 🟧 💡 📡 📶 ⚡ 📙 ℹ️ ⚛️

@nonlinear the group chat rooms and direct messages should use encryption to have conversations safe from surveillance by the server hosts.
apps should have affordances for end-to-end encryption (E2EE)

notwithstanding metadata leakage (servers may know who is chatting with whom, and when, even if not the contents of the encrypted messages...)

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By the way. Please don't just "cut the mold off" of things like jam, bread and cheese.

I have spent some time learning the ways of fungi and when you can see the mold? That means the entire mass is full of mycelium (basically thread
-like "mushroom roots") the fruiting or the fuzzy part means that the fungi has consumed all the nutrients and is ready to move on.

The whole thing is shot, please don't eat it OK? Some fungi create poisons as by products. And it won't taste right.

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We're proud to announce the official release of Fedora Asahi Remix! 🎉

Learn more:

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