@cel is matrix even safe? Do you know?

A lot of fake safe shit like telegram.

@cel good point. I mean safe from corporate algorithms.

I think anything that needs a dedicated server is unsafe coz servers need a business model since they're a liability.


@nonlinear the group chat rooms and direct messages should use encryption to have conversations safe from surveillance by the server hosts.
apps should have affordances for end-to-end encryption (E2EE)

notwithstanding metadata leakage (servers may know who is chatting with whom, and when, even if not the contents of the encrypted messages...)

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@cel I hear you. Nothing is truly safe. Or truly healthy.

But *safer than* is a good, attainable metric.

I'm not even that concerned with being surveilled. I'm concerned with information being filtered by financial appendages.

We've already been hit by an information bomb (weaponized filter bubbles polarizing populations near critical elections) and next one will be worse.

We need to take shelter.

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