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RALLY📣 This Saturday, we're calling it like it is: Big Media and Big Tech are cannibalizing the digital future of #libraries.

❤️Fight, librarians, 🐦EFF, + 🐦internetarchive are demanding better.

Join us & invite all your #BayArea friends at

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📢 NOW OPEN: #DWebCamp2023 Call for Proposals

Do you have an idea for a talk or workshop at #DWebCamp2023? Starting today, we are accepting session proposals.

Submit yours at

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Group photo from yesterday's Freedom Trail walk through historical Boston at #LibrePlanet Attendees brought hand-made #FreeYourComputer signs.

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“There’s only one way for a centralised service to become universal: impose your vision as a new universal standard” Some unusual thoughts on Signal.

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on this blessed day of the international #transfeminist #digitaldepletionstrike we are setting up nextcloud for our sfpc solidarity infrastructures class on a cute little $50 server from craigslist sitting in my living room 👩🏻‍💻🎀⭐️ #8M2023 #decloudify #countercloudactionday

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Excellent work on linked Verifiable Credentials and a systematic/standardizable pattern for the `evidence` property from the VC-EDU crew 👏👏👏
RT @RWOTEvents
We've got a new paper out, on composing credentials via linked claims.

Nice to visit and explore decentralized web together (+fediverse & peer-to-peer)!
@lucid00 @andrew_chou @danwchan et al.
See you next time!
✌️ @dweb ✌️

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Cheers from DWeb New York Node
February 23 - Manhattan

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Hello! We are #hiring! 🧑‍💼

Please find below our three current openings. You can also take a look at them directly from our website:

#GetFediHired #FediJobs


James Mills (~prologic) presented .social "Beyond Social" (2023-02-11 Asia + South Pacific).

Want to help with possible integration (bridging?)

> So... There was interest in integrating with ActivityPub, but I'm not sure who expressed interest, be keen to connect and try to get this going 👌

via IRC/Matrix. Inquire within!

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I just saw that is shutting down its service: This is a shame. I applaud them for their efforts. is a member. I suspect we'll probably be okay just using Jitsi via our May First membership.

But still, the important thing: Thank you, folks, for all you've done.

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What's a decent social web tool that you want to discuss as a #DecentSocialTopics ? We'll have a day-of agenda creation.

You can still register before the 2023-02-11 event!

Server collectives and decentralized social web

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Fri, 2023-01-27 — Mon, 2023-01-30

»The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers, software builders and members of the SSB community to study the properties and potential of Secure Scuttlebutt. The workshop is open to other decentralized approaches and networking technologies e.g. DAT, Holochain, IPFS or SOLID, as problems and technologies often have considerable similarities. »

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