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cel boosted The Gospel of #Jesus according to the #Urantia book. 2. Travels - From Papers 130-134 "moral decisions and unqualified #spiritual choices are thus progressively identified with the indwelling and divine #spirit.. #Will is that manifestation of the human #mind which enables the subjective #consciousness to express itself objectively and to experience the phenomenon of aspiring to be #Godlike.. every reflective and spiritually minded human being can become #creative...

Does anyone have any recommendations for laptop models?

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Hey #Toronto! I'll be doing a workshop on #p2p #web at 1RG on Thursday June 15th. We'll be setting up @agregore and learning to code up some basic JS/HTML/CSS to make our own peer to peer web apps.

#dweb #agregore #DWebYYZ

@serapath @ninabreznik
DWeb NY Kingston meetup presentation will be 3pm EDT (19:00 UTC) (in just over 2 hours) @

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RALLY📣 This Saturday, we're calling it like it is: Big Media and Big Tech are cannibalizing the digital future of #libraries.

❤️Fight, librarians, 🐦EFF, + 🐦internetarchive are demanding better.

Join us & invite all your #BayArea friends at

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📢 NOW OPEN: #DWebCamp2023 Call for Proposals

Do you have an idea for a talk or workshop at #DWebCamp2023? Starting today, we are accepting session proposals.

Submit yours at

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Group photo from yesterday's Freedom Trail walk through historical Boston at #LibrePlanet Attendees brought hand-made #FreeYourComputer signs.

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“There’s only one way for a centralised service to become universal: impose your vision as a new universal standard” Some unusual thoughts on Signal.

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on this blessed day of the international #transfeminist #digitaldepletionstrike we are setting up nextcloud for our sfpc solidarity infrastructures class on a cute little $50 server from craigslist sitting in my living room 👩🏻‍💻🎀⭐️ #8M2023 #decloudify #countercloudactionday

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Excellent work on linked Verifiable Credentials and a systematic/standardizable pattern for the `evidence` property from the VC-EDU crew 👏👏👏
RT @RWOTEvents
We've got a new paper out, on composing credentials via linked claims.

Nice to visit and explore decentralized web together (+fediverse & peer-to-peer)!
@lucid00 @andrew_chou @danwchan et al.
See you next time!
✌️ @dweb ✌️

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Cheers from DWeb New York Node
February 23 - Manhattan

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Hello! We are #hiring! 🧑‍💼

Please find below our three current openings. You can also take a look at them directly from our website:

#GetFediHired #FediJobs


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